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Closing Cost Summery for Calgary Home and Condo Sales

Closing Costs When Buying a Calgary Home for Sale

Application Fee

It costs the lenders money to process your application and some will pass these costs onto the buyer. Application or mortgage initiation fees vary and some will waive this fee entirely. Please check on this when you meet with your Mortgage Associate or Broker.

Mortgage Appraisal

This is usually done if a lender requests it or the mortgage is high ratio. A high ratio mortgage is insured by companies such as CMHC or Genworth. The costs for high ratio mortgage appraisals are included in the percentage fee assigned by CMHC or Genworth. If the lender requests an appraisal then the costs are up to the lender and if they will pass the cost onto you, this should be negotiable. The average cost of an appraisal is around $500.

Mortgage Life InsuranceĀ 

Payments would be tacked onto your mortgage payment. I would check with an alternative insurance company and compare pricing. It is always recommended that you have life insurance on your mortgage!

Real Property Report

Not applicable to the buyer as it is the Sellers responsibility to provide the up to date RPR as outlined not only in the Listing Contract but also in the Purchase Contract.


The City of Calgary issues Compliance stamps on the RPR at a cost of approximately$90+GST

Legal Fees and DisbursementsĀ 

Legal fees will vary according to the lawyer but will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of between $700-$1500.

Statement of Adjustments

The purchaser and the Seller are each responsible for their share of taxes. The City of Calgary taxes are due June 30th-6 months in arrears and 6 months in advance. It is easy when the seller is on the TIPP program, tax payments are then assumed by the buyer.

House Insurance

The costs will vary from one insurer to the next. Your lender will want proof of insurance BEFORE they will release the funds.

House Inspection/Condo Document Inspection

The house inspector will sometimes charge on a per square foot basis and sometimes a flat fee. Costs range anywhere from $350-$500. Condo doc inspection is about the same, in the neighbourhood of $350.00


Residential Resale homes are NOT subject to GST but NEW builds are. There is a formula that the builders use for a GST rebate, do not forget to ask the builder how much their rebate is on your NEW build.



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