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Dont do before your purchase a Calgary home or condo

What Not to do

You're buying a Calgary home for sale, you're lender pre-approved, you've made an offer that was accepted and all you're waiting on is to close. The house is yours, right? Not always. Regardless of how good the process has gone, even with the end in sight, there are a few key things you should avoid that can slow and even jeopardize your purchase.

Don't Make a Major Purchase

You've just found out your credit is A+. That's great news, because a new car would look fantastic in the driveway of your new home. But hang on--if you are depending on a mortgage to move in, you'd best wait until after closing to buy that car. An increase in your debt to income ratio reduces the amount of monthly income available for your mortgage payment.

If you tack on a higher car payment, the bank might decide you can't afford the home. Using cash to purchase the car could also create a problem, since banks consider cash reserves when approving your mortgage. If you must make a major purchase before closing, talk to your loan officer before you do it.

Don't Change Jobs unless it’s Necessary

Lenders like to see a consistent job history. They aren't usually as nervous if you change jobs within the same field, but it's better to stay put until the house is yours.

Don't Let Your Emotions Take over

Keep a cool head during the entire home buying process, especially during and after a home inspection. Be realistic. No Calgary home is perfect, especially older homes. It's not unusual for new owners to take care of some repairs themselves. Don't let the seller's refusal to do a small repair kill the deal on a home you truly love. On the other hand, don't fall so much in love with the house that you'll buy it no matter what needs to be done--unless you're sure you can handle it emotionally and financially. Decide what type of repairs you can realistically tackle, then stick with the decision.

Don't Go It Alone

If you're working with a Calgary REALTOR®®, it's their duty to track many of the day to day details that involve the lender, the seller, or the seller's agent. Be sure your REALTOR®® schedules a final walkthrough just before closing.



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