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What to expect when buying a new home or condo

The Home Buying Process

Step 1:  Pre Approval

Meet with your favourite Mortgage Specialist or Broker and fill out an application. Be sure to bring with you income verification, employment letter and confirmation of down payment.  Be sure ask exactly what the lender requires for a Pre Approval, once approved; ask for a Pre Approval Letter.

Step 2: Viewing Homes & Condos

We will email you listings within the areas and parameters that we have set out prior to viewing. You will make a list of all the properties that fit your criteria and I will make all of the appointments to view the homes.

Step 3: Selecting Your Home or Condo

Make sure that the home you want to write an offer on has met most if not ALL of your criteria. Do NOT settle for a house you do not love!

Step 4:  Put Offer on Property

We will do a market evaluation on the property that you select to determine if the list price is in the “ball park”, this will give us a good starting point for our negotiations. We will present the offer in writing with your deposit check to the listing agent and we will always get you the best deal that we can!

Step 5:  Receipt of Accepted Offer

If the offer is accepted it is usually with a couple of conditions attached, the 3 most common are Financing, Home Inspection and (or) Condo Document Inspection. We usually ask for 7-10 days to remove our conditions, at this point it is up to us to get your offer to your banker for final approval, to line up the property inspection and to get all of the condo docs together and off for inspection.

Step 6:  Remove Conditions From Contract

If your Financing has been approved by the bank, the property inspection doesn’t reveal any major problems with the home and the condo docs show that the condo corporation is in good standing, and you are comfortable with the purchase you are about to make, then we will waive conditions.

Step 7:  To the Lawyers Office

All documents will be sent to your lawyer’s office as soon as possible but, no later than 7-10 business days before possession day on your new home. It is up to you to make sure that you have an appointment with the lawyer to sign all the required paperwork. Make sure you bring a check or your credit card as the lawyer will want payment for the work he/she has done.

Step 8:  Keys are Releasable

We will make arrangements to meet you at your new home. At that time we will do a walk through with you and hand over your keys to your new home. We can only do this once we have the go ahead from the seller’s lawyer that all monies have been received and that the keys are releasable. CONGRATUALTIONS!



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