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Calgary home and condo selling mistakes

Top Calgary Home Selling Mistakes

Waiting Until Spring to Sell

We hear it all the time, "We want to wait until spring to sell our home." Yes the flowers are blooming, your grass is coming in nicely and starting to green up, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, great time to sell your house right? Partially right! This is when EVERYONE wants to sell their home, in Calgary it is the busiest time in Real Estate, which means a ton of COMPETITION. Off peak season buyers tend to be a little more serious and with fewer homes on the market means less competition.

Misunderstanding Your Contract

Entering into a real estate contract can sometimes be confusing and scary, that is why it pays to have professional representation by a Calgary REALTOR®®. As a REALTOR®S® we are here to help you understand what the buyer is requesting in the contract, from purchase price to terms or conditions to what is included. Make sure to read the fine print and know what your rights are as a seller.

Not countering the "Lowball" Offer

During the offer phase, it is most Sellers' first impulse to reject the first offer outright and say NO especially if it is a low offer. A low offer is a matter of opinion; some might think 10k off the asking is a low offer, where another seller might think 50k off asking is a low offer. All we can say is that it is all relative and is a matter of perception. The goal is to get the buyer to recognize that what they are buying has good value. 

Wasting Time: The Unqualified Buyer

With the stricter lending rules, it is now more important than ever to make sure that the buyer for your home is pre approved, not just pre qualified. Anyone can get pre qualified over the phone with their bank. Simply by telling the bank how much money they make and how much debt they have they can become pre-qualified.  You are NOT pre approved! If you go through the pre approval process you will be required to submit documentation such as pay stubs, an employment letter and have to sign a release allowing the lender to check your credit. If you have not done any of these things, then you are not pre-approved to make a purchase. As REALTOR®S® with Encore Realty Professionals we ensure that all of our buyers are pre approved.

Going "Cheap" on Marketing

Before the internet and our MLS® system it was easy just to put a sign in your front lawn and run ads in the newspaper because this is the way it was done.  Now with REALTOR®.ca being our biggest marketing tool, it is imperative that the photos that your REALTOR®® takes of your home are of high quality and give an accurate visual representation of your home, inside and out. With 90% of all buyers beginning their search on the internet why wouldn't you want to put your best foot forward? If there is only 1 picture online, most potential purchasers will skip right over your listing.  

Sabotaging the Viewing

If you have a someone that wants to look at your home, it is important that you allow that person to have a look without you following their every move. If you are worried about valuables, put them away so that no one knows they are there.  The buyer needs an opportunity to examine your home to see if it will fit their family’s needs, they are also making sure that each room will accommodate the furniture that they have. They need to be allowed to put themselves in the house mentally, to see if it is a fit. This will not work if you are behind them every step of the way pointing things out and trying to make small talk. It is our suggestion that you, the seller, not be in the home during showings.

Not Getting Your House in "Show Home" Condition

We recommend that you declutter and clean your home before listing. That means, shampooing carpets if need be, touching up paint, making sure most of your family photos are off the walls, move excess furniture into the basement or garage, everything off the kitchen counters etc. You need to allow the buyer to have a blank canvas, something to work with when they first walk into your home. If your home is not clean or is cluttered and they are not able to see the space in the home, then you may either not get an offer or might get something a lot lower than you were expecting.

Over Renovating

This can be a very costly mistake! Make sure that when you are planning a renovation that the houses in the area are comparable to what you are planning. What I mean by this is, if you are going to renovate a kitchen and most of the houses have a laminate counter top, with ceramic tile floors and nice but not overly dramatic cupboards then you should try to follow this lead. If you over spend on things like granite, travertine tile, upgraded cabinetry, and most of all appliances, you may not see the return you were expecting. The same can be said for the reverse, if you are in a higher end neighbourhood where these types of upgrades are expected then you will need to have your home in similar condition.


There are two sayings in Real Estate that have been around forever, Location and Price! If you are overpriced, you will know it in one of two ways, first if you have a ton of viewings but no offers and second if you have no viewings at all! Pricing is everything in selling your home, if the buyer thinks that you’re asking price is too high they may not want to waste their time making an offer that you may not accept. 



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